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At DOSENALARM ® you find canned pieces of fruit in noble brandies and liqueurs.


We always pay attention to a suitable and balanced interaction between the type of brandy / liqueur and fruit in order to create a delicious and fiery-fruity flavour.




Canned brandies with pieces of fruit

Our canned brandies / liqueurs with fruit pieces are currently available in 10 different varieties, 3 different can sizes and 4 different brands. And if you don’t find anything suitable within our standard labels, please do not hesitate to order our products with a personal label, made according to your wishes.


Our 10 varieties of brandies in cans:

We currently offer the following varieties:





We offer our brandies with fruits in 3 different can sizes:




Canned brandies with 4 different brands:


Willige Bix ® - the party classic canned brandy

  • Willige Bix ® (‘willing can’) - is the classic Swabian canned liquor with fruit pieces for all events and parties with a little hotter atmosphere than usual! A symbol of this is "EVA" (= female silhouette in different colors), as the central element on each label who makes the observer really hot...


Alpenschluck ® - the canned brandy for mountain enthusiasts

  • Alpenschluck ® ('sip of the Alps') - is the ideal party liquor with fruit pieces for all mountaineers, snowboarders and skiers. Thus, each snack on the mountain and every Après-ski party in the valley will become a very special experience :-)



Jeckes Früchtchen® - the canned brandy for carnival

  • Jeckes Fruechtchen ® - No matter what kind of carnival. The Jeckes Fruechtchen (‘crazy fruit’) is the ultimate party liquor for carnival and connects crazy party people throughout the country.


Schwipsi ® - the funny canned brandy

  • Schwipsi ® ('TIPSY') - the "canned brandy with fruit pieces" for all cases and for any occasion! The combination of brandy / liqueur and suitable fruits leads to an incomparable flavor! The canned fruits absorb a portion of the alcohol, creating a fiery and fruity taste.


Canned brandies with individual labeling:

We are happy to customize your motif as desired and deliver your order with your personal labeling:








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